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Christian Life Coaching: Living with Arms Lifted in Victory

Are you ready to start living the “get-to” life vs. the “have to” life?

You can design the life of your dreams, starting today.

Perhaps you:

  • Are slogging through life in default mode

  • Feel like each day is shrouded in a grey fog

  • Forgot how to dream

  • Are stuck in routine

  • Not valued at work or at home

  • Feel desperate for a change, but unsure where to turn


Or maybe...

You’ve raised your family, have a successful career and a generally happy home. You’ve built a solid foundation. You are living the good life.

And yet, you’re wrestling with a discontent that comes from a wondering of “what’s next?”

Maybe you use words like busy, accomplished and blessed; but are looking now for things like purpose, impact, adventure…

Either way, that feeling of discontent is God nudging you to focus on a new God-sized vision.  

Having a coach is a fast track to a new vision for your life. Receiving inspiration and accountability is a catalyst to upgrading every aspect of your life.  

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Rock Rubble
"I had high expectations and they were met and exceeded. "
David S

If you are ready to fall in love with your life again, I’m here to give you the boost you need.  

We’ll work together to create a life that ignites a fire within you, shining a light that impacts how you love, work and play.

God’s fingerprints are upon you, and He has a purpose and calling for your life that you may not even see in yourself. Yet.

But I can see it in you, and I’ll help you close the gap between where you are today, and where your best version of your life awaits. 

Allow me to guide you through tapping into God’s calling for this next phase of your life. 

You will walk away with:

  • God inspired future vision - tomorrow's reality expressed as an idea today

  • Clarity on goals to move you toward realizing the vision

  • Confidence to try new things

  • Healthy Habits to fuel your inspiration, live on purpose from passion

  • Win the day - Satisfaction and fulfillment from the moment you wake up



You will see results from our work together if you:

  • Are ready to take risks—you’ve done so in the past and/or are ready to, going forward 

  • Have had brilliant successes and spectacular failures 

  • Know that if God brought you to it, He’ll also bring you through it 

  • Are a high achiever—you’ve enjoyed success in business, relationships, and hobbies, and know what that takes and feels like

  • Have a strong sense of what you can achieve and are ready to run for it

  • Are a self-starting action taker


I coach people who inspire me.


But, I can’t want it for you...


This program is not for you if you:

  • Only “kinda, sorta, maybe” want to change

  • Are unwilling to try new things

  • Complain and blame others

  • Aren’t ready to show up to each session fully engaged

  • Are resistant to having feelings and examining them

  • Aren’t ready to work harder than me at improving your life


We work together for 4 months, minimum (anything less is not enough time to create lasting change)


  • Your coaching package will be highly personalized to your specific goals and desires. 

  • Coaching is done via phone or zoom, or even face-to-face if desired and you are in the local area (Livingston County, Michigan).

  • Throughout this process, you can expect to:

    • Create clarity on your God-inspired vision - for the career and/or life you want.

    • Uncover hidden challenges that are sabotaging you, and preventing you from living the life you are designed to live.

    • Feel renewed, inspired, and purpose driven in your career and life.

    • Quickly begin to experience impactful results.

  • I will challenge you and laugh with you. 


What would it be worth to always have one person who sees you, believes in you, and knows

deep down who you are called to become and what you are capable of accomplishing?



In 2012, I shared with a mentor:  "I've forgotten how to dream..."


That shook me awake.  It was a gut-punch of truth that kickstarted me onto the path of intentionally living by design, centered in purpose, and ultimately… to a rewarding career as a Life Coach.  And if I can learn to dream again, you can too. 


Learning to dream again, and then making those dreams a reality, brought passion, joy and purpose back to my life.  Now, I help faith-based influencers create lives of impact, for God’s Glory, their good, and the benefit of those they serve.


Working with me, you get the benefit of the insights I’ve gleaned from a 30+ year IT career in consumer research, 34 years (and counting!) of marriage to my beautiful wife, plus being a proud father to two and grandfather to three. I’m a lifelong runner, cyclist, triathlete, and more recently have embraced hiking, and traveling with my wife.  My deep faith in God is the cornerstone of all my endeavors, and it is my honor to serve God by bringing others into a deeper relationship with Him. In addition to my training in the school of life, I’m formally trained to coach you to success and fulfillment.


  • Certified Professional Life and Leadership Coach (CPLC)

  • Graduated from CCI (Christian Coaching Institute)

  • An ICF (International Coaching Federation) Accredited school

Rock Rubble
"It feels so amazing to have you come alongside me, to help me cast vision and set goals and to attain the things I desired in my life. I didn't feel judged, even when I shared heavy things with you. And you definitely conveyed that your heart is in it for me to win!!! Thanks Coach!"
Denise B


One-On-One Coaching

Even the hairs on your head are numbered...

God lovingly cares for each one of us, and scripture reveals that YOU are more precious than rubies. You deserve the best this life has to offer. Private Life Coaching works similarly to sports coaching – meeting you where you are, and helping you achieve optimum results.


1:1 Coaching is a powerful way to cast the best vision for your life, set & achieve personal goals, overcome obstacles, and live life with vigor and a restored soul.


You’ll grow in your career, relationships, spirituality, healthy lifestyle, life balance, and decision-making, and more.


Group Coaching & Masterminds

Therefore encourage one another and build up one another…

Imagine being part of a group of faith-based, purpose driven, action takers - encouraging, brainstorming, and strategizing with each other.

Group Coaching and Masterminds leverage the power of COMMUNITY, and are a more cost effective way for you to reap the rewards of working with a coach. 

Group participants enjoy similar outcomes to private coaching clients.


We focus on: 

  • Whose are you? (Identity)

  • Who are you? (Awareness of Passion, Gifts, Talents, Values)

  • What do you want? (Purpose, Vision, Mission)

  • Why don't you have it? (Obstacles, limiting beliefs)

  • How do you get it? (Goals, Plans, Habits, Resources)


Leadership Coaching & Consulting


Working together, we improve your ability to lead and achieve objectives.  As a 30+ year IT professional, I see that good leadership is often tied to personal values and behaviors, so there is overlap with life coaching.

This arrangement may include consulting, mentoring and team coaching.

I coach you as an individual, and also in context of your team (as appropriate):

  • Clarity on Core Values, Gifts, Vision, Mission

  • Create a plan to prioritize and pursue goals, and overcome obstacles

  • Improve Daily and Weekly habits


Team Coaching helps your team co-create value beyond the efforts of the individuals or even the sum of their parts:

  • Improving team performance and relationship building

  • Focusing on process improvements and innovation

  • Be “future-fit” by developing effective team culture, function, interdependence, and self-coaching

Rock Rubble
"It's extremely powerful to work through goals and challenges in a small trusting group, making decisions to move forward. There's trust, wisdom, encouragement, motivation, facing what you did or didn't do, being accountable - all with the intention to bring us closer to the Father, our purpose, and towards living our lives as He's calling each of us to. It's doing all of that with intention and DOING IT."
Ashley C


Because Coaching is so unique to the individual, the best next step is to have a quick chat about what it is you are looking for, and if I might be a good fit (or have a recommendation for you)...

Thanks for submitting!

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